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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Day: 2012

Storm clouds conspire in the southwest over the peaks and through the valleys of West Virginia's Allegheny Mountains.  Dusk approaches like the head of a snowman rolling down a hill.  The barista wonders how much further to the overlook near the top of Seneca Rocks.  The back of his hands sense cool, sporadic raindrops.  The cinnamon girl is out of breath and offers to wait behind, resting her tokus on a fallen tree trunk along the side of the trail.  The leafless trees provide poor shelter.  A brisk jog shortens the distance to the intended destination.  Around the third bend in the trail about a football field length later, the barista spies a 12x12-foot deck hanging over 1000+ feet of air; space.  The mountain ridge in the distance is still visible--but not for long.  The barista gives thanks while he admires the view.  Creeping, gray clouds instill a sense of urgency.  The barista investigates the trail above the overlook:  WARNING: Dangerous cliffs.  Climb at your own risk.  The wind accelerates as the rain turns to hail  The barista crawls on his hands and knees over a few boulders, peaking at the view to the east.  Another gust of wind slaps the barista on his bearded face.  He snaps a photograph before sprinting back down the trail.

Happy New Year.

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