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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poe-etic Licensing

Today, in his spare time, the barista delivered this letter:

     December 8, 2011
     Baltimore Ravens Football Club
     M&T Bank Stadium
     Baltimore, MD
     Marketing Department

     Dear Marketing Director,

     After taking your football team’s name from a legend, that legend now needs your help.  The local museum dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe, author of “The Raven”—the poem that by popular vote in 1996 named this city’s football club—has been cut off from Baltimore city funding.  If that funding is not replaced, the museum in the poet’s former home will be forced to close.  This would be a shame.
You are familiar with The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum as you generously donated auction items for a fundraiser they held on October 29 at the Lebanese Taverna.  Your tribute to the poet is obvious:  you quote him on your website, you’ve named The Raven’s official mascot Poe, and the purple you wear is the color of the curtains described in his famous poem.  After Poe tragically died and was buried here in Baltimore, the community also has claimed the writer as their own.  Why not go all the way and make The Baltimore Ravens the chief sponsor of the museum?  Sell merchandise there.  Create an outpost.  Expand your audience.  To my knowledge you are the only American professional sports team named after a piece of literature—or any piece of art for that matter.  Take advantage of that uniqueness.

I encourage you to lead the community where City Hall has left a void.  Times are good for The Ravens (9-3), but not “The Raven”.  Help the legend live on.  Contact Jeff Jerome at the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum.


Reggie Stiteler

cc:  Jeff Jerome, Poe House curator


  1. Well written and succinct. I like it! I recommend you emphasize your great line "Why not go all the way and make The Baltimore Ravens the chief sponsor of the museum?" It is a specific action and certainly within their power to do so, regardless of merchandising.

    I hadn't heard about this bit of news, so your post is also highly informative. I will try to check out the museum as well. Thanks, Reggie!

  2. P.S. I passed this on to a girl I know who's advocating for the Poe House.