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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Angels

I'm a beat up old soul stuck in a town with no heart
If I hear that damn song again I'm gonna swallow real hard
Where are the angels with flowers in there hair?
There aint no such women here, in my beer I will stare

The barmaid is kind enough to hand me a smoke
The sidewalk is cold but that woman's a joke
She can't name a song to play to save her own life
So I stick out my thumb and I hitch the next ride

The club down the road is much of the same
I can't find no coffee & I can't find your name
I'm running in circles & seeing in doubles
Can't you tell my heart's broken? Don't you know I'm in trouble?

So I throw back my beer & I trip down the stairs
And I notice the stars, never knew they were there
Then I felt a warm touch, soft lips on my mouth
She said, "Let's get out of here & travel down south."

The angels are out there sometimes in disguise
Never expected, always a surprise
I picked a flower & duly prepared
And placed it upon her angelic soft hair

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