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One never knows nor can expect who will sail into the fray--what we do know is that no soul here is perfect no matter how we try. So let us celebrate & raise our mugs to the idiosyncratic nature of life--to the Kramer's & Norm's of the world, the Roseanne's & Allan Poe's. Some old, some lost, some tortured, some blessed, all souls sharing a drink at the same time in the same place. The ensuing tales are authentic with names trending towards monikers. The flag waving on our doorstep means we're open, so come perk your curiosity in Le Harbor Bungalow Cafe.

Bonjour! Mesherfin! Hasta la vista! Your barista.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Not Her Type"

A special treat lies ahead.  For those who have ever desired to more easily visualize the establishment which is the inspiration for le Harbor Bungalow Café, for those who have patronized the shop and listened to the barista retell the story, and for those who have read last November’s blog post Potentially Reciprocating and patiently awaited the result of Luis Guanzon’s music video production, enjoy.  The barista raises his mug to both the director and the musician, and is proud to present “Not Her Type”, a music video featuring Julian Roso.

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